Sam Grabelle
Sam Grabelle
Volunteer Merit Award for Mentoring Youth

Presented by The Met High Schools and The Rhode Island
Foundation. Click here to view  the Press Release.
Rhode Island International Film Festival Short Film Selection

Filmmaker Erica Collins created a 3-minute film based on my poem
"Titles On My Bookshelves" and it was selected for the festival.

"Titles explores every individual's journey to maturity. From a little girl's fear
of the unknown to a young adult's strength to stand up to an authority figure,
the movie captures the full spectrum of emotions that all of us live and learn
from. In a dramatic finale, the heroine's coming of age crossroads are tied
into the titles on her bookshelves."
The Association of Educational Publishers 2005 Distinguished
Achievement Award

Presented for the book The Big Picture: Education is Everyone's
Business by Dennis Littky with Samantha Grabelle (ASCD, 2004).

The publisher won an APEX Grand Award for Design and
Student of the Year

Presented by the National Association of Social Workers'
Connecticut Chapter
Graduation with Honors

Presented by Brown University
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