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I love to teach. I love to learn. I love to teach teachers and learn about learners.
Here is a sampling of what I have contributed to the organizations and schools I
have worked and volunteered for:

  • faculty development
  • staffed 2-person university Center for Teaching and Learning
  • participated in course-based community of practice
  • provided technical support to other instructors
  • facilitated group conference presentation on developing a
    community of practice
  • presented conference session on flipping the classroom
  • developed webinar on using technology to improve student writing
  • taught online teacher education course
  • facilitated workshops for teacher education students
  • facilitated conference workshop on supporting under-prepared college
  • contributed to development and hosting of annual national conference
    for teachers and administrators

  • learning management system administration
  • provided first-line support for Blackboard 9.1
  • supported individual course site development and maintenance
  • conducted regular workshops and trainings
  • provided support after upgrades
  • developed template course sites and tools (e.g. rubrics)
  • created support documents and videos, including a Tip of the Week
  • facilitated super users group
  • facilitated LMS conference SIG on faculty training
  • developed and maintained a HELP site, including Jing videos

  • writing instruction and support
  • developed original outcomes-based syllabus and taught Writing
    Workshop 106, a first-year gateway course (click to view themes)
  • maintained active LMS site for course
  • participated in national transparency in teaching research study
  • collaborated with textbook author and editor on semester-long
    wiki assignment
  • served as Writing Specialist in university writing center
  • provided one-on-one support for all stages of the writing process
  • developed business plan lab for group projects
  • developed and facilitated workshops on brainstorming, grammar
    tips, and jumpstarting research papers
  • presented on working with writing groups at regional conference
  • supported faculty writing projects with brainstorming, developmental
    editing, and proofreading help
  • taught creative writing for continuing and community education students

  • first-year experience / academic success
  • provided campus leadership on supporting first-year community college
  • facilitated English department retreat to revise writing placement
  • facilitated TRiO program workshop on college success
  • facilitated professional day sessions
  • taught optional College Success Seminar for community college students
    and required Foundations for Learning course for university students
  • developed and facilitated workshops and in-class sessions on preparing
    and giving presentations, working in groups, studying in groups, and
    gateway learning outcomes in the real world  

  • diversity initiatives
  • co-chaired LGBTQ &Allies Faculty and Staff Caucus
  • developed Safe Zone Training Manual
  • worked closely with Student Affairs and Bryant Pride
  • co-hosted "Out After Bryant" alumni event
  • founded and led Sam and the Mixed Up Kids group focused on
    encouraging students to cross social boundaries

  • mentoring

  • grant writing and reporting

  • web design and maintenance
teaching and learning
Curriculum Vitae
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