Sam Grabelle
Sam Grabelle
Sam Grabelle
"I want to thank you for helping me believe that I am more intelligent than I thought I
was. I have always struggled in high school with English, but you have taught me in
different ways that I thought were impossible for me. I am confident in my English
skills now, but I know I have much more to work on. I am very lucky to have had you as
my first ever college English professor and I cannot wait to take another course with
you. It has been a rough semester due to personal issues, but I was able to walk into
your class, stress free and have a great time. I never really loved English when I was in
high school, but you teach in an innovative and applicable way. I have learned just as
much, if not, more than what I learned in high school and I thank you so much for that."
English Composition Student, Johnson & Wales University

"I wanted to thank you for all of your help. Your really have changed the way that I see
writing and how I tackle problems. With your help, I have grown and matured in my
work and my life. Your passion and determination to help students develop as writers,
kinda rubbed off on me. Somehow you always managed to say the right thing to keep
me motivated when I just didn't know if i would make it. Between you and me, and
who ever has to monitor all these emails, you definitely made my list of outstanding
teachers. So thank you for you wisdom and i wish you well."
English Composition Student, Johnson & Wales University

"Samantha is the type of person who is willing to 'jump in' to meet the needs of the she
extend herself to the staff, but she also continuously goes the extra mile for the
students. Samantha makes close connections with her students; for her, the students
truly come first. Samantha has a wonderful sense of humor which is a great asset in a
working environment that can sometimes be chaotic and stressful, particularly during
the peak times of the academic year.  For many students, the Writing Center is a
refuge and Samantha is the type of person who is there for them
with a friendly smile and helping hand. Samantha has an incredible
work ethic that any employer would welcome."
Laurie Hazard, Ed. D.
Bryant University, Director, the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)

"I really appreciate you being there for me when the times were really tough.
And thank you so much for pushing me to do my final. Without that push I don't think I
would of ever got up in front of the class and did it but I know no matter what you
were there to support me. I have learned a lot from you and
I plan on always using the information you gave me in my daily life.
Taking your class was the best move I ever made
so far in college. I admire you so much."
College Success Seminar Student, Bristol Community College

"Through your lectures and class exercises, I saw your sense of humor
and how much you cared for each and every one of your students.
You took an active role in each of your students' lives and I am sure I can speak on
behalf of the class by saying you are so special and we are so grateful for everything
you have done for us... I have chosen you to be my role model, not a difficult
decision, but one I am proud to say. Your involvements, passions and outlook
on life have inspired me to try and make an impact on the world and find
what I believe in and stay true to it."
Foundations for Learning Student, Bryant University
(from a speech on her chosen role model for a leadership program)

“I have known Sam Grabelle for over fifteen years. Sam is an intuitive motivator of
human creativity. If you ask people 'Who is Sam Grabelle,'
don't be surprised if the answer you receive starts with
'She's the person that inspired me to...'"
Nathan Hutnak, Executive Director Free Geek Providence

"I have made contact with myself and I am glad that I finally realize in life what is more
important to me. This class has made a huge difference in me and I love it. I am so
happy I took this class. At first I just thought here we go with another boring class I
have to take for no reason. But sitting down listening to how you speak and show you
care and are also involved where we go with our future is great. Thank you so much
Sam for opening my eyes and making me see this before it was too late."
College Success Seminar Student, Bristol Community College

"Sam would make sure I check up and meet after class so she could do everything
possible to put me back on track, and adjust to college. I can honestly say Sam Grabelle
is one of the most helpful and caring instructors I ever had..."
Foundations for Learning Student, Bryant University

"From supporting us, listening to our thoughts, and monitoring our progress in school,
Sam was active in helping me and my fellow classmates succeed in school... She was
there for me every step through my first semester and went above and beyond in
informing me about the school resources and opportunities... I learned study skills, time
management skills, and ways of becoming a better student. I have never met anyone
like Sam before that cared about his or her students the way Sam does..."
Foundations for Learning Student, Bryant University

"I first met Sam at a book reading for my novel, CLIMBING THE STAIRS.
I mentioned that I wanted someone to help me create a resource website for
readers of the novel. Sam took up the project and created a wonderful site.
She understood exactly what I wanted and had the vision to set up a site that
suited my needs perfectly. Her clarity of thought is reflected in the beauty and
simplicity of its navigational structure. Sam's intelligence and intensity are
evident in her work. I am delighted that she agreed to help me and the more
I get to know her, the more I am impressed by her outlook on life and
her commitment to make the world a better place."
Padma Venkatraman, author of Climbing the Stairs (Penguin, 2008)

"Sam has a way of focusing and working with detail that is unsurpassed. Put her on
something and it will get done with enthusiasm. She is incredibly committed to kids
and to education...  Sam has a knack for getting kids excited about books and
reading... She is a serious, committed woman with all kinds of skills.  She did some
amazing work that no one else could have done at The Met and The Big Picture..."
Dennis Littky, co-founder, The Met High Schools and The Big Picture Company

"She has helped me grow from a young adolescent into a self-motivated young adult...
She would always be willing to help me with schoolwork and outside school issues.  
Sam has made me cry, laugh, reflect and most of all to trust myself in all I do
whether positive or negative. I am lost for words in describing this remarkable lady,
one of the most significant in my lifetime..."
Dominique, The Met High School alum, Pine Manor College Class of 2009

"The operations of a non-profit and schools like ours that are at the edge of
innovation need quick, creative and energetic people. Sam was thorough, extremely
sharp and creative with all of the projects that she handled both independently
as well as working on a team. Whenever something needed to be done that was
complicated, intricate, large and cumbersome, Sam was the one who could get the
work done for us... To Sam, work is more than a job. She puts all of herself into it
and spends the time in the organization to support people and make it feel like
a place everyone wants to be..."
Elliot Washor, co-founder, The Met High Schools and The Big Picture Company

"This is by far the best class that I have taken in the masters program.
I feel that I have learned and grown as a person during these eight weeks. I have been
challenged to look at the current educational system and how I can help be a part of
improving it from within. I think that it is very easy to forget why one goes into
teaching and this class has helped remind that I want to change the world. I have loved
the interaction and feel as though I have built a great bond with the other students. I
loved the book, loved the class, and loved the instructor. Sam, thank you for
challenging me to become a better person as well as a better educator. You are an
inspiration and I hope that you don't mind if I stay in touch--you're a great mentor."
Graduate student in online course, "Teaching One Student at a Time"
(through the University of Rio Grande, Ohio)
The following are excerpts from recommendations and feedback I've received from
colleagues, clients and students. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this page.
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